All I Have

28 Oct

Words paint what my eyes perceive
Words sculpt what my heart conceives
Words open doors that have no latch
Words light a fire where there is no match.
Words caress where my hands can’t touch
Words make me rich, while I don’t have much.
Words convey my greatest fears,
Which have to do with keeping friendships dear,
Don’t use them against me, or forget what I say,
And please, don’t take my words away.


Lollipop and His Excuse for Loving

25 Oct


(forgive my indulgence)

I have grown tired of licking
trying to get to the center
of this shiny cherry lollipop
in mouth-watering anticipation so long
my tongue is red, feeling the burn
and I have lost my sense of sweet
which means I am the sucker, but
I don’t blame you, sweet lollipop
it’s not your fault that I found you
so hard and delicious.

His Excuse for Loving

Let it not your wonder move,
Less your laughter, that I love.
Though I now write fifty years,
I have had, and have, my peers.
Poets, though divine, are men;
Some have loved as old again.
And it is not always face,
Clothes, or fortune gives the grace,
Or the feature, or the youth;
But the language and the truth,
With the ardor and the passion,
Gives the lover weight and fashion.
If you then would hear the story,
First, prepare you to be sorry
That you never knew till now
Either whom to love or how;
But be glad as soon with me
When you hear that this is she
Of whose beauty it was sung,
She shall make the old man young,
Keep the middle age at stay,
And let nothing hide decay,
Till she be the reason why
All the world for love may die.

Ben Jonson, 16th Century poet and playwright.


I had the immense good fortune of listening to Robert Pinsky and Laurence Hobgood perform Poem Jazz at the Dodge Poetry Festival this morning. One of the pieces performed was Ben Jonson’s poem His Excuse for Loving, a poem from the 16th Century author. I loved it, so I thought I’d share it, alongside a poem that composed itself in my head as I drove up the Garden State Parkway. While I still think lollipops are good, sweet, and fun, unfortunately I did miss my exit. No worries, though, it’s all good.


25 Oct

It is a wellspring.
Come soak your cloth in
these cool waters.
Wring it out, and lay it
across your forehead.

Come fill your canteen
brimming to overflowing,
and just try to walk away
without splashing any, as you
gingerly savor small sips.

Come dip your paintbrush
disguised as a pen,
come drink your fill
from the dipper, and then
pass it on. It’s a wellspring.


I flew back home to NJ this weekend to go to the Dodge Poetry Festival. It is my first time attending, and I am so glad I was able to come! It is a fantastic event, featuring poets from all walks of life, reading and sharing their poems … It’s extremely inspiring and encouraging, as a poet, to come and listen. It’s only been two days (it’s a FOUR day event!) so far, but I have come away with so much … Check out their website and come!

News Worthy

22 Oct

Setting: a table
kitchen, cafe, conference room
I’ll lend you my ear
let’s synchronize our lives,
bring each other up
to date with what’s yours
and what’s mine, all
summed up in a stolen
moment of irresistible time
its so good to see
your smiling face, so pull up
a chair, dear friend, for right now
you are home, with me.


Community bulletin board in Nantucket

Whiling away the early morning hours in Orlando International Airport, I decided to take a crack at today’s prompt over at Dverse Poets Pub. Mary asks us to write a poem about news, could be current events or personal news. What inspired this poem was the idea brought forth in the comments about us all gathering around a sort of international kitchen table each week, sharing our stories through poetry with each other. I am about to embark on a trip to my homeland, and will have the opportunity to briefly reconnect with dear friends, the thought of which warms my heart. Check out some of the other poems written in response to the prompt:


17 Oct

A found poem from Sukkot

follow your heart
I just gotta dance
shofar, so good
stand with Israel
you can’t block my shine




17 Oct

I want to live in Tarrytown,
on the banks of the Hudson.
I’d tarry there, with you,
while the sun shifts
restless, casting long shadows,
ships steaming north,
traffic stacking on the Tappan Zee.

On lingering afternoons we’ll tarry,
mesmerized by diamonds on the river,
kicking our stones downhill, clearing a path,
sharing a soundless conversation
of meaningful looks and glances.

I’d tarry there all day with you,
holding hands while balancing
along the train tracks, then
jumping off and feeling
the Hudson line rumble away,
just to turn, at the right moment, and catch
that twinkle in your eye.


Nautical flags flying.


12 Oct

Poems happen
because words
come flowing, like wine
crushed from my fingers,
your smile, a sunset, promising
tomorrow, a fragrance, phrasing
like music, unplayed
but, a tune I can name
in 5 notes, or less.
Today, like yesterday,
only better.

An invitation, or a command?

An invitation, or a command?

A Walk by the Ocean

27 Sep

Loving you
is a walk by the ocean
your dashing presence
invincible, unconquerable,
whispering me closer
caressing my legs
trying to pull me in
by my feet, but
I dance away, breathless,
knowing what happens
when I lift my skirt
to wade in, and end up

I want to wrap
my arms around you
and carry you home
in brimming buckets
just to feel your coolness
awaken my skin
each morning, and taste
your saltiness that keeps me
ever thirsty, but you
are a mighty ocean
that my fingers can’t hold
so I walk along, careful
to not be swept away.

Loving you
is a walk along the ocean
you fill my mind,
my lungs, and yes, my heart.
But, though I may dive in
for a temporary frolic
I’m just a girl
who loves the ocean,
understanding that
we are forever,


This is as close as it will get.

I wrote this poem this morning for Dverse open link night. I haven’t written anything worth sharing in almost a month. It is a different take on my poem called Aspiraciones, about the ocean and unrequited love.

Let Me Tell You A Story

10 Sep


The Dead Republic
Getting Unstuck
Full of Bull
Rewriting History
Justice for None
Are You Kidding Me?
Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance?

Paint by Numbers

19 Aug

1 mighty ocean
3 million grains of sand
11 towels dotting the shoreline
30 feet from the lifeguard stand

2 lifeguards, gabbing
1 expectant mother, resting
2 prayers said for husband at
1 interview that morning

1 brand new cell phone
15 times checked
0 calls or messages
from 1 husband, missing

1 engine roaring
8 beeps while backing up
2 tires crunching
2 victims, surviving

1 mighty ocean
3 million grains of sand
11 witnesses, yelling
1 ambulance, wailing
all prayers, answered.

My lifeguard stand.

My lifeguard stand.


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