I write poetry in both English and Spanish, and I have had my own work in both languages published in literary magazines.

Originally, my desire to translate stemmed from the need to translate my own work into English or Spanish. In 2017, I was accepted to (and received a scholarship to attend) the Bread Loaf Translators Conference, where I participated in Christopher Merrill’s poetry translation workshop. That experience was pivotal for me: not only did I learn valuable skills that I could apply to the translation of my own poetry, but I left with the desire to translate other poets’ work as well. I have always felt that being bilingual was a gift, and I am excited to use my gift to benefit other poets and world literature as a whole.

After Bread Loaf, I decided that as a translator my goal was to translate the work of Latin American poets (preferably female) from countries affected by socialist policies, such as Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Because of my personal ties to the region I knew that if there were any poets writing about the realities of life in those countries, I wanted to translate them.

Six months into my search I found Oriette D’Angelo’s (Caracas, 1990) work and was immediately captivated. I knew that she is the kind of poet I wanted to translate. I am translating her award-winning debut collection, “Cardiopatías (Monte Avila, 2016).” I am also starting to work on the translation of her second collection, “A Través del Ruído,” which has been accepted for publication by Scrambler Books.


Published Translations:

Nashville Review

“I underline a title like I underline a country”
Translation of the poem “Subrayo un título como subrayo un país” by Oriette D’Angelo
Nashville Review #25, Spring 2018


asymptote-logoFive poems by Oriette D’Angelo translated from the Spanish by Lupita Eyde-Tucker
March 19th and Spring 2019 issue

Also: Translation Tuesday on the Asymptote Blog: Forbidden to Pass By and Stay by Oriette D’Angelo.


The Arkansas InternationalKnee on Dirt, by Oriette D’Angelo
The Arkansas International




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