In order from oldest to newest:

Naugatuck River Review Issue 18Año Viejo
Naugatuck River Review
Issue 18 / Fall 2017
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize




Glass Mountain Volume #19: Fall 2017

Glass Mountain
Volume 19
Fall 2017




Rules of Engagement
Baltimore Review
Winter 2018 Issue




The Big Picture
SWWIMM Every Day – February 6, 2018



Crab on the Loose
Muse/A Journal Issue 6 – March 2018





Small Orange Journal

Viernes, 3AM / Friday, 3AM
(bilingual poem)
Small Orange Journal – Issue 3 April 2018




Azahares Literary Magazine CoverPanamericana Norte (In Spanish)
La Puerta de Hierro (In Spanish)

Azahares #10
Spanish Language Literary Magazine
10th Anniversary Issue
April 2018


Fantastic Voyage
Aquifer: The Florida Review Online
June 2018


Oda a Guayaquil (In Spanish)Acentos Review logo
The Acentos Review
August 2018 issue


digopalabratxtMientras la Ostra No Se Abre
Perla del Pacífico
Ceviche de Concha
December 24, 2018

The Florida Review


The Florida Review, Special Latinx Feature
42.2 Fall 2018



Contrapuntos VI

Oda a Guayaquil
Contrapuntos VI – Ciudades (in)Visibles
December 24, 2018





Nashville Review

“I underline a title like I underline a country”
Translation of the poem “Subrayo un título como subrayo un país” by Oriette D’Angelo
Nashville Review #25, Spring 2018



asymptote-logo Six poems by Oriette D’Angelo translated from the Spanish by Lupita Eyde-Tucker
March 19th and Spring 2019 issue



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