Recent Publications:

Naugatuck River Review Issue 18Año Viejo
Naugatuck River Review
Issue 18 / Fall 2017
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize




Glass Mountain Volume #19: Fall 2017

Glass Mountain
Volume 19
Fall 2017




Rules of Engagement
Baltimore Review
Winter 2018 Issue




The Big Picture
Every Day – February 6, 2018



Crab on the Loose
Muse/A Journal Issue 6 – March 2018





Small Orange Journal

Viernes, 3AM / Friday, 3AM
(bilingual poem)
Small Orange Journal – Issue 3 April 2018




Azahares Literary Magazine CoverPanamericana Norte (In Spanish)
La Puerta de Hierro (In Spanish)

Azahares #10
Spanish Language Literary Magazine
10th Anniversary Issue
April 2018


Fantastic Voyage
Aquifer: The Florida Review Online
June 2018


Oda a Guayaquil (In Spanish)Acentos Review logo
The Acentos Review
August 2018 issue





Nashville Review

“I underline a title like I underline a country”
Translation of the poem “Subrayo un título como subrayo un país” by Oriette D’Angelo
Nashville Review #25, Spring 2018



The Florida Review – Latinx/Latina/Latino Lit


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