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In the Classroom with O, Miami

20 Dec

O, Miami is such a blessing in my life.

O, Miami is proof that poetry can change lives. This 2021 year-in-review chapbook of student highlights is proof — it contains poems written by elementary school students in Miami. Some of those students were my students last Spring! Teaching poetry, in person and online, to 4th and 5th graders in English and Spanish is a constant source of joy for me. It stretches me and helps me grow as an educator, as a poet, as a person.

Look for Jacob, Amaranta, and Santiago’s poems in this chapbook – their poems were written in my class! Two of the poems were from a prompt inspired by Microgramas by Ecuadorian poet Jorge Luis Andrade ❤

If you believe in good work being done in the world, work that impacts an entire community like Miami – then please consider donating to O, Miami. My students love to write and learn about poetry every week. They are direct recipients of your dollars turning into poems in their minds and hearts. This year I’m teaching poetry in Spanish to 4th-grade students at Morningside K-8 Academy, teaming up again with Ms. Alvarez, their Spanish teacher. Other poets are teaching poetry in English and Creole at Morningside and other schools. It’s a wonderful team and I’m honored to get to do this with them.

You can read all the students’ work and all about O, Miami’s work in classrooms around Miami-Dade here: O, Miami in the Classroom

Paint by Numbers

19 Aug

1 mighty ocean
3 million grains of sand
11 towels dotting the shoreline
30 feet from the lifeguard stand

2 lifeguards, gabbing
1 expectant mother, resting
2 prayers said for husband at
1 interview that morning

1 brand new cell phone
15 times checked
0 calls or messages
from 1 husband, delayed

1 engine roaring
8 beeps while backing up
2 tires crunching
2 victims, surviving

1 mighty ocean
3 million grains of sand
11 witnesses, yelling
1 ambulance, wailing
all prayers, answered.

My lifeguard stand.

My lifeguard stand.

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