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Fly By Day

9 Sep

My flight departs when I put my left foot on the pedal and coast, down the driveway, onto the street, swinging my right leg over the saddle. If I had wings to beat, they would be my two feet, pedaling down the asphalt runway. This is my morning flyby. My feet push hard against the pedals: pushing away worries, pushing back years, pushing against thoughts of you which I can’t ever seem to escape from. I keep pushing until my thighs protest, my chest heaves. Lightheaded and flushed I soar through the streets of my neighborhood. I admit, I do spread my arms like an eagle, because it feels good; this is the closest I come to actual flight. I pump my legs and ascend higher and farther, as if this is all I have. This time, cutting through space, where I run to you and away from you at the same time.

The retired men, putzing around their yards in my neighborhood know me. They line the streets and cheer as I speed past, just a blur. As they watch me go by, I recognize the look in their eyes, it makes me want to keep going and never stop.

Hot drops of rain fall
on my helmet, I welcome
them, and feel alive.


I wrote this, my first haibun, for Dverse Poets Pub’s first Haibun Monday. Having never explored this form of poetry before, I am not sure that I totally nailed the form, but I enjoyed writing it. As I was on my bicycle this morning, these were my actual thoughts. Thoughts which were followed by a sense of dread that I would not be able to work my ideas into a coherent poem. Then I got home, hopped on the computer, saw the Dverse post and boom! Haibun!

Ode to my Bicycle

28 Jan

Your two wheels
and metal frame
have penetrated my brain
my two feet no longer
can catch up
to racing thoughts
that swoop on
spinning faster
rounding corners
jumping curbs
down the slightest slopes
you make me fly
with rubber wings
pushing me harder
pumping muscles
steely minded
wind whistling
past me around me
dodging raindrops
and ever increasing
my peripheral vision
pumping euphoria
through my veins
while I dance
on your two wheels.

Look Ma, no hands!

Look Ma, no hands!

Posted for Open Link Night at www.Dversepoets.com. Come join us and share your poem!

I have a love affair with my bicycle. These days it is my main mode of transportation for errands and such, which is great, because I love getting out of the house and being outdoors. When I hop on my bike I always end up feeling exhilarated afterwards. Thankfully, everything I need is within a 6 mile radius of my home. I have often quoted the line from the movie Singles, where the cyclist from Expect the Best says, “I just like the way the world looks from a bike.” Me too! I used to think that it was only on sunny, blue sky days, but it’s wintertime now, and I have found that I like riding my bike even on cold days.

I have been reading a lot of Pablo Neruda’s poems lately, and this poem was inspired by his odes to common things.

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